Building A Better Blog!

We’re working hard here to bring you the best quality daily blog anywhere! I am proudly a straight MtF bi-gendered crossdresser, very happily married with two wonderful daughters. My story is available on our “About” page.

I am very comfortable in my own skin. I frequently volunteer, attend church and socialize as a woman. The more people involved in an event or situation, the better! I generally prefer interacting with the world on my own, being out in public as “myself” and meeting new people and making new friends. It has been so affirming being accepted so far everywhere I have gone.

We feature my adventures out in the big, wide world. We also have weekly posts by regular contributors “Sun”Dee (Sundays, of course), the fabulous (Friday) Julie Slowinski as well as weekly guest posts from other many wonderful ladies. You can get to know them on our “Contributors” page. Weekly I will also give you something to think about with one of my essays.

This is an international community of like-minded women, with readers literally checking in from most countries on the globe. We also feature contributors from three different countries.

Our blog is always positive and uplifting, but honest and real. We are “G” rated, this is all about being who we are, not about other variants of those that favor female attire. Finally, you will NEVER read anything political here. Never, ever. Other blogs do that better and frankly, they can have that topic.

We will demonstrate how ladies like ourselves can go out and experience the world on their own terms. Always be smart, be appropriate, be confident and most importantly, be visible! That is the only way we make change.

More soon!

In the meantime, hop over to our current blog ( for today’s post. Julie will tell you the tale of her first 2021 outing in Chicago!