Kandi Robbins

Chief Executive Blogger

Kandi is a wonderful writer and looks pretty cute in the right dress! She struggled for almost 50 years with all of this and once she realized the beauty and wonder of being a woman, she was all in! She is married to the Angel Known as her Wife with two wonderful (grown) daughters. She is one very lucky girl!

She spends her free time shopping, running, writing this blog, running, working, writing this blog, running, volunteering and generally trying to be an example to our community.

In all honesty, I am blessed to have realized the inherent joy of being a woman and to have the love and support of those in my life. I will do my very best to support girls like myself as I understand both the struggle and the wonder.

Be smart, appropriate, confident and visible!

If you read nothing else written by me, read this: https://www.kandis-land.com/rules-of-the-road/

Dee (a.k.a. Sun-Dee)

Your Sunday Hostess!

Dee is a long-time aspiring CD and became an active CD beginning October 2016. She’s managed to have fun, make friends, and acquire a suitably large wardrobe in those four years. Besides frequent outings in the St. Louis area, Dee has also enjoyed road trips to Chicago, Cleveland and San Francisco. She’s also treasurer for the St. Louis Gender Foundation.

Her lesser half is a retired professional who enjoys participant sports such as golf and tennis, watching professional and college sports, volunteers as a high school tennis coach, and competes in shorter distance triathlons and running events.

Dee is thankful for those girls who shared their stories over the internet, which gave her courage to get out and about–and hopes her stories encourages others to do the same.

For all of Dee’s posts: https://www.kandis-land.com/author/dee/

Gwen Patrone

Transpreneur Extraordinaire!

Gwen is a peak-performance, personal development bestselling author, speaker and mentor for over 30 years.  She’s coined the term TRANSPRENEUR and brings her life-long entrepreneurial spin to our readership. She’s helped over 2 million people across the globe earn hundreds of millions of dollars online.  She’s now dedicated to bring these skills to our LGBTQ community and guide them to become the best version of themselves.

For all of Gwen’s posts: https://www.kandis-land.com/author/gwen-patrone/

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Her website: https://www.gwenpatrone.com/

Lisa P.

Always Offering Perspective

I am a well-adjusted and accomplished transgender woman of faith who is happily married to my best friend.

I have been aware of my femininity since I was about 9 years old, when I loved to spend time playing with my sister: each time she would say, “I wish you were my sister” I would think “I wish I was your sister too.” Like so many others, I suppressed my sense of self because I knew it was “socially unacceptable” for me to want to be a female. I initially identified as a crossdresser (which is what I told my wife that I was before we were married), but realized later in life that transphobia was holding me back, because I would fantasize about faking my death so that I could live as a woman (even though it would mean abandoning my family), I tried to feminize my body and I even tried limited self-medicating (don’t do that). It was time to wake up and see the roses!

I feel much freer now to see the world in infinite shades of colour and have been enjoying being Lisa for the last 30 years. Recently, I became a life-member of the Kenwood Ladies’ Pond Association, a group of accepting women who operate a year-round, women-only swimming pond at Hampstead Heath in London. I love swimming there! I enjoy beach adventures too, especially along the English Channel and in the US. But, cold water draws me and I have been known to jump into mountain glacier lakes for a dip. In fact, I love all kinds of adventures and have had interesting experiences in places as diverse as Australia, Japan, Italy, France, the UK and at least a dozen states in the US.

The 19th century philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer sums up why I don’t expect to remain in the closet forever: “The closing years of life are like the end of a masquerade party, when the masks are dropped.”

For all of Lisa’s posts: https://www.kandis-land.com/author/lisa-p/

Amanda J.

Live from The U.K.!

I’m Amanda and I come from that strange far-off land where we drive on the left, call a closet a wardrobe and still insist on peppering words like colour and oestrogen with unnecessary vowels.

I have been fighting a losing battle against the inner woman for as long as I can remember before finally admitting defeat and doing my best to embrace her a couple of years ago.  Sadly, those around me do not share my enthusiasm for my fabulous side and so I remain firmly in the wardrobe (err, Amanda, I think you mean firmly in the closet), at least for now.

But as we all know, the closet is an incredibly claustrophobic place and the desire to break free just gets more intense as we get older, not least as we read the wonderful adventures of those who’ve found the fortitude to say ‘what the heck’ and walk out through their front door without once looking back.  And, inspired by others, I have already taken fledgling steps of my own by going for a short walk en femme and having a professional makeover, the varied looks from which (including the photo shown here) will pop up in my posts from time to time.    But even though these opportunities are few and far between for me, the internet has given me a wonderful way to live this side of my life and interact with others.

So here I am, looking forward to participating in this wonderful forum and being a part of the amazing community that has grown up around it.  And if my ramblings help even one reader understand that we all have the same anxieties that she does and that despite what she may think, she’s most definitely not alone, I’ll be a very happy girl indeed.

For all of Amanda’s posts: https://www.kandis-land.com/author/amanda-johnson/

Nora A. Simone

My Big Sister and Special Contributor

Nora A. Simone is a happily married bi-gender MtF cross-dresser. Her shape-shifting art form centers on presenting the appearance of a vibrant modern woman who enjoys life.

As an author, Nora’s writings include celebrity interviews, fashion, photography, health, law, and even a cookbook. She’s been a cover girl, calendar girl, runway fashion model, and the subject of a published fashion look-book. Her resume also includes experience as a private jet air-hostess, personal trainer, magician’s assistant, dance instructor, professional boxing ring girl, and TV weather reporter. Though an animal lover, she says “man’s best friend may be a dog, but diamonds are this girl’s bestie.”  

For all of Nora’s posts: https://www.kandis-land.com/author/nora-simone/


Very Special Contributor

I’m a guy. I like women. I like the company of women, I’m married to a woman, and I like to dress up like a woman now and then because it’s fun. For me, crossdressing is an art form and an excuse to meet like-minded folks, not an expression of gender dysphoria. My hope is to share thoughts regarding “The Craft,” or the art of crossdressing. This mainly entails exploring sources of inspiration, conducting self-reflection, and discussing techniques of the tradecraft. I don’t know if I am comfortable calling myself an expert in such things, but I do think about the subject quite a bit even when I’m not gussied up as Alex, which I’m afraid to say takes place twice a year or so. I’m also keen to ponder the nature of sexuality and gender, fashion, and makeup techniques because, well, who doesn’t!

For all of Alex’s posts: https://www.kandis-land.com/author/alexandra/

Ana Cristina Garcia

My Friend and Drinking Buddy!

Ana Cristina García is the feminine manifestation performed by a happily married heterosexual male. She never though she would have so much fun and make so many friends all over the world due to this peculiar treat that, she now realizes, is shared, and enjoyed by more men than she could think of.

Cristy has been online since June of 2004 and has shared her thoughts and experiences through different venues.  It took close to 30 years for her to accept that she was an essential part of the man that needed to be expressed.  Since then, she has not looked back and enjoys every minute she gets to be out although, as of late, not as often as she used to.

She does not like to experiment much in terms of looks and loves simple, yet feminine looks, inspired by women she interacts with or sees around her. Being able to fit in her accepting wife’s clothes makes things easier to look the part, although she wishes she was younger to be able to wear all those cute dresses of today’s fashion.

 If you see her at an event, approach her, she might seem serious but she is actually very friendly, caring and often, a clown.

For all of Cristy’s posts: https://www.kandis-land.com/author/ana-cristina-garcia/


The reason there is a Kandi’s Land!

In some circles I use the name Cassidy. I’m a cross-dresser – always have been and always will be. Quite simply there have been two constants in my life – cross-dressing and motorcycling.

In both constants I believe I have taken them as far as I possibly can. In my motorcycle world I’ve gone touring on them, raced them, restored them, created award winning show bikes, and taught others to ride them.

In my cross-dressing world I’ve dressed in some of the most gorgeous of dresses and gowns during professional makeovers, gone shopping in thrifts, high line department stores, malls and antique marts. I’ve purchased wigs and clothing presenting as a woman and as a man. I’ve dined in fast food and mainstream restaurants and at the occasional drag brunch presenting as a woman and not.

Regardless of my attire I am not a fan of bars or dance clubs although in the two wheeled world I have been in a bar or two. My preference is not to go to a mall or a big box store and will only do so out of necessity.

I enjoy reading Zen and Tao and gravitate toward eastern thought versus western thought. Granted it may sound contradictory but given the choice of what time in history I would prefer to live, it would be Victorian England. I have shelf upon shelf of books on the period and literature written during that period.

For all of Cassidy’s posts: https://www.kandis-land.com/author/cassidy/

Jocelyn Johnson

Our international correspondent!

Jocelyn Johnson is a crossdresser from north of the Great Lakes. She “dressed” for a few years when she was in her thirties. Always going out in the evenings under the cover of darkness, but thoroughly enjoying the thrill of being a woman. She never did much in-house dressing; the need was always to be showing off in public, but with the dichotomy of not being noticed. Unfortunately serious doubts forced “the purge”.

As Jocelyn grew much older (late 60’s) she began seeing on the internet many people crossdressing. YouTube videos by hundreds if not thousands of crossdressers, or Tgirls, brought back the strong urge to present as a woman. Seeing blogs discussing their journey gave Jocelyn the final incentive to come back to life. Of course Kandi’s Land was very inspirational, and so was Stana’s Femulate.

Ms. Johnson has a very limited wardrobe. To her, it is the joy of being out during the daylight hours just being the woman she is. Hopefully some of her adventures and thoughts will bring comfort and joy to “our world”.

For all of Jocelyn’s posts: https://www.kandis-land.com/author/jocelyn-johnson/

Tina Davis

A woman of few words and fewer outings!

I have been dressing in female clothes for over 40 years, borrowing from my mother and sister at first, then buying a few things in male mode, but remaining inside with no makeup or wig. Only in the last 10 years have I ventured out of my house, starting by attending a few open houses run by a Massachusetts support group, the Tiffany Club of New England. The prospect of going out dressed remained scary until 2016, and since then, every opportunity has led to further outings and more confidence. I do not get many of those opportunities, as my wife and daughter do not know the extent of my wardrobe or the wonderful times I have spent as Tina.

I gravitate to dresses and heels when I dress, but I also recognize the need for blending in with other people. My style has always been businesslike and classic, trends are not something I stay up with too often. Shopping for myself is always fun, whether it is online or in person. Talking with the SA was nerve-wracking until I realized they were generally fine with selling women’s clothes to a man, whether I was dressed or not. Even buying makeup is more fun now!

I “met” Kandi via a forum-based website for CD/TG/TS people, and I immediately felt a kindred spirit with her. When she started this blog, I kept up with it daily, then contacted her about one of her more thoughtful posts. Eventually, I started writing for posting as well. My posts may be infrequent and not as deep, but each one of us has their own experiences and journey to discover. I hope everyone who needs support and examples of living as one’s true self finds it here on these pages. Hugs to you all!

For all of Tina’s posts: https://www.kandis-land.com/author/tina-davis/

Teresa H.

Living Life On Her Terms!

Realizing I was transgender really kicked off for me at the age of 8-9, whatever part of my brain induced me to wear female clothes soon showed itself with a cocktail of male hormones and latent female needs. From that point I lived with the feeling that something was not right.

In between to live with the social pressures of being a man I married and had a lovely son and daughter and ran a successful photography business . Like most I was in total denial and tried to bury a part that I was ashamed of and felt guilty about .   

The cork finally popped out the bottle in my forties. I had to tell someone, naturally it was my wife hoping for acceptance, but it was short lived. I shall never forget how much I cried, something I’ve never done before or since, but a millstone had been lifted off my shoulders. I also felt rejected and was ceasing to function which almost led to me ending my life.

Finally in my sixties I sought gender counselling, the door began to open and I could see a different person through it. For the first time my wife and I began to talk openly and honestly. We concluded the best action was to go our separate ways, she couldn’t live with my transgender needs and I couldn’t live without them The relief for both of us was incredible . I consider myself lucky we came to an amicable arrangement and split 50-50 , we both felt we should still have family homes to welcome our children and grandchildren.

I now live twenty miles away fully as Teresa (or Terri to most people). I know to some this is not acceptable, the hurt and loss is too great but I have lost so little and gained so much. I go out with my daughter and granddaughter, I have seen my son several times and have lunch with my mother and sister. I now attend two art classes and have recently joined the National Trust,  this year I have been invited to attend their annual holiday!

It is wonderful to say living as a transgender woman can be very normal and I am happy to say I have more friends now than ever before. The one lesson to learn is stop being trans and just be you because people really don’t care, genuine acceptance is the key.

For all of Teresa’s posts: https://www.kandis-land.com/author/teresa-h/

Sherry Greer


Ever since I was young I knew I was different. I started dressing at an early age by borrowing my sister’s and mother’s things when home alone. I’m sure that’s no different than most of us! As the years progressed I continued to dress and experiment with different looks but all in the comfort of my own home. Approaching my 50th birthday I knew I needed more and that’s when Sherry walked out the door for the first time!

The four years since that cold January day have been filled with varying emotions but all have made Sherry who she is today. Being Sherry has made me a better person, a person who is more passionate, sympathetic and loving to those around her, especially my wonderful wife of 30+ years.

As luck would have it when I reached out for support in the Cleveland area Kandi answered an email on a whim and we’ve been friends ever since! We even live in the same community and enjoy many of the same activities.

I look forward to contributing more to this blog and helping and giving support to whomever needs it. After all, if it wasn’t for Kandi and a couple others giving me support and don’t know where I would be today! I am here for you!

Stay beautiful-Sherry

For all of Sherry’s posts: https://www.kandis-land.com/author/sherry-greer/

Lisa Lane

Grace personified!

The clarity of hindsight makes one realise that an early preference for gentle pleasures and an aversion to macho sports must surely have been portents of things to come.  From first pubescent sexual stirrings to tactile attraction of female clothing, this T-girl’s early flowering was of the everyday garden variety and, if you’ve read one such story of furtive closeted teenage years, you’ve read them all.  I suppose one thing which makes this odyssey stand out, if at all, is that I have always been completely content with the way I came out the factory – no purges or sudden resolves to suppress my femme side.  I have long since accepted that gender is a continuum rather than a binary state; that I am placed somewhere in the middle of this spectrum; that I am now at my comfort level; and, because I am a part-time girl, quite content with all my appendages. 

Married to a beautiful, loving, completely supportive, classy lady who shares my fashion interests, I am happy, hetero and monogamous.  We enjoy travel, theatre trips, dining out and dancing in congenial settings with other sophisticated, interesting, gender-gifted T-girls.  Anyone who feels inclined to write may be assured that I will reply promptly and considerately.  I can be reached at lisalaneontario@outlook.com.

For all of Lisa’s posts: https://www.kandis-land.com/author/lisa-lane/

Rachael L.

Frequent and Valued Comments!

My life has had its ups and downs over the years and while some has not always been related to my gender identity, a lot of it has been the reasons for how things turned out.

I accepted myself as trans several years ago and began my journey to socially transition and also began a path toward HRT. I had second thoughts however for many reasons and realized being a girl full time was not going to be practical. So I allowed myself to find different ways to express who I am and as a result, I am now much more gender fluid and still have my full on girl days as well. I found this blog to really inspire me to be the best me I can be. I’ve also found that my faith in God has strengthened me throughout this process .

My family really doesn’t see me in this way and I no longer try and get them to accept this side of me so I don’t mention it to my children. I was divorced a few years ago so now I’m on my own and Rachael is all but full time when I’m home.


Previous Contributors

We are thankful for having known these wonderful ladies and miss them greatly!

Julie Slowinski

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Stephanie Julianna

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