It’s Right Around The Corner!

Our intrepid leader is waiting….patiently. She is anxious to get things started here. The staff can hardly contain themselves, everyone’s on pins and needles!! Will the loyal readers we cultivated follow us over to the new site? Will our life’s blood, referral clickovers, do the same? Can we attract new readers? Can we get them to sign up for e-mail receipts of the blog. We put out content every day, we are better than those things once known as newspapers. And all for free!

Here she is back at the office, in her corner office overlooking the vast Cleveland skyline, penthouse suite! No expense has been spared for this exciting new venture. Will you join us!!

2 thoughts on “It’s Right Around The Corner!”

  1. We devoted followers in the U.K are waiting in the foyer for our much admired leader to proceed with the official opening .

    Faye x

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