Still Getting it Done!

We’re continue posting over at the old site until the April 1 grand opening here!!

Check out today’s view of our world!!

We’re still a work in progress so bear with us but we would love if you would sign up for e-mail of the daily blog.

We’ve already written posts about my evening out with my dear friends who run a consignment store and them having me model dresses for them! Plus my first product review for The Breast Form Store!! And an exciting photo shoot!

Be smart, be appropriate, be confident and most importantly, be visible. We change nothing if we don’t show the world what wonderful people we are and embrace the women we are.

Let’s thank those that came before us and I will take a moment to do that now. Stana, you paved the way for an open sharing of who and what we are. Frequent every day (you might even see yours truly there!).

Love you ladies!!

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